Grow your E commerce business with advanced features in quick time!

E-commerce business clearly an emphasis on strategising and managing a lot of things. This is never an easy task without a firm foundation for it. Business owners today demand better platforms for their websites. Catering for their customers in a faster, efficient and productive way is their main goal.

Magento Web Developers in this regard help in the creation of better-performing e-commerce websites. Any developer can download it as it is an open source licensing platform. As per the demands of the clients, innovative tweaks are used to get unique results.

Reasons for the success and popularity of the platform are:


  • On the size, requirements and budget of every business, the flexibility of Magento can be used for edition-based solutions
  • Themes and templates available with this platform are another aspects of the same flexibility


Characteristics facilitating layered navigation, advanced search, wish lists, favourites, product comparisons, multi-store features, email list, grouped products and content management system for static pages and website optimisation performance delivers user experience and customer satisfaction

Website optimisation

SEO Edge

Solves multiple issues by facilitating better optimisation of e-commerce site page traffic, duplicate content, landing page, indexing are efficiently managed

Developer Friendly

Updates content, adds pages to the website linking them to the sub or main navigation

Multiple Store Management

Each store can be set up distinctly with its unique product catalogue. Running and managing online business becomes stress-free


Helps customers to follow the step-by-step process for purchasing the desired product offers customers multiple options

Google Services with Magneto

Google Analytics, Google Checkout, and Google Base can be used tracks traffic, uploads content and processes orders placed by customers


Core coding can be integrated with third party coding


Business owners get a detailed report on the performance of their websites explaining info like what is on demand, what has gone out of stock, new items in the market, etc.

No Geographical Constraints

Language and currency boundaries are blurred and one can shop from almost any corner of world

Marketing Tools

Options like Private Sales, Flexible Coupons, Catalogue Promotional Pricing, Multi-Tier Pricing, Bundled Products, and landing page Tools for Campaigns are major tools offered

Order Management

Admin panel can create, view, edit and fulfil orders, raise invoices (one or multiple), print packing slip, create email notifications and RSS feed for a new order, create reorder, etc.

Additional Components

Adding new features and extensions is easily facilitated as the platform continues to grow and mature without disrupting the current settings helps in introducing timely changes in the website

Magento website design offers everything that you need as a successful owner of an online store!


Sigma Infotech


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