5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Web Application Developer

sigmaIt won’t be erroneous to say that smartphones and tablets, today, are a second home to people (consumers) across the world. And, what brings them on their smartphones, on the web, is web applications.

To entertain more and more people on the web and meet their regular and specific requirements, we need countless feature-rich, robust web applications. When it comes to building efficient and dynamic applications, investing in experienced and adroit developers is of more importance than saving a few bucks on your website application development. The right developer would not only build you outstanding applications but also add value to your business in different ways.

Here are a couple of questions to ask when hiring an application developer to end up making the best decision for your app business.

Where can I look for the web applications developed by you?

It goes without saying that a qualified developer would be fervent to show their portfolio. Before you hire a candidate, ask him to provide a list of applications personally developed by him or web application development projects he played a major role in.

What platforms do you develop for?

This may depend on what platform(s) you want the developer to build apps for. However, asking what platforms the candidate has a good experience in can help you gauge if the selected one would be able to develop according to your needs.

May I have some of your current and past clients?

Getting testimonials from candidate’s current and former clients can be a great way to ascertain and verify one’s development credentials and work responsiveness. Checking references and reviews, in addition, will help endorse the quality of work and dependability of the candidate.

What mode of communication do your prefer?

How you communicate your app development requirements throughout the development process really affects the design and functionality of the end product. Learn how your developer prefers to communicate is it via Skype or email, phone or in person. Additionally, learn how often you will receive status updates from the web developer.

What kind of apps do you love or often use?

Before you hire someone for your app development requirements, it’s necessary to know if the person is passionate about what he does. Finding out what kind of apps the candidate is into and how tech-savvy or knowledgeable he is about specific apps and platforms can do the trick for you.


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