Migrating to Magento? These Considerations Will Help Create a Seamless Experience

It goes without saying, building an ecommerce store on the Magento platform supercharges the business efficiency and productivity. Given the innovative features and world-class functionality Magento boasts, more and more online retailers are moving their ecommerce websites to the acclaimed platform. However, the long string of features and extensions, which are no doubt highly dynamic and efficient, often makes it a bit complex and challenging for users to tackle various ecommerce tasks on the platform itself.

So, does that mean you should abandon your Magento ecommerce dream? While migrating a website to Magento or developing a new online store on the platform exposes a lot of issues along the path, abandoning the whole Magento migration idea due to the fear of potential problems is not the right solution. Instead, the entire migration process would be less challenging and more effective if you consider matters and concerns that might affect end results, beforehand.

That said, we have pulled together a few things you must know before migrating to Magento.

Magento Needs a Good Server to Run

Yes. For the most flexible ecommerce platform to perform seamlessly, it is necessary to have it run on a really good server. Magento runs on any server that supports MySQL and PHP5. However, it is recommended to get a separate server, whether virtual or physical, optimised for the application itself. Apart from selecting the right server, installing and configuring Magento on the given server properly also affects the performance of your ecommerce store.

Only a Skilled Magento Developer Will Do

As crucial it is, finding a Magento specialist that offers affordable yet result-oriented services is a bit of a challenge in today’s fast growing and highly competitive ecommerce industry. Unless you have a budget that allows you to hire the finest Magento website design firm, you’ll have to work hard to find the right one. You may find developers that fit your needs and budget and get your website developed as specified, but chances are they’ll compromise with the Magento principles and rules, which may only lead to critical problems in the future.

So, when it comes to your Magento ecommerce web development, don’t settle for a run-of-the-mill web developer offering services on the cheap. Paying a few extra dollars for a developer who is well versed in Magento and is certified will only help ensure quality results and better return on investment.

It’s time-consuming

Magento has a number of complex and demanding data processes that consume significant amounts of time. And therefore, it may be quite challenging to work on the platform. Again, an experienced developer who is adept at utilising the flexibility and competency of the platform can only handle the installation, configuration and development processes.


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