4 Landing Page Mistakes You Probably Didn’t Know Were Killing Your Conversion Rates

So, your landing page failed to convert? You put the best Magento specialist you have to design an e-commerce landing page. Top-notch editing tools were used to fine tune the page. Your team spent hours to create a persuasive landing page copy. You even went on to rewrite the content into a masterpiece that just cannot go overlooked.

Magento Specialist - Sigma Infotech

But it all seemed to come undone as your landing page won’t convert.

Landing pages are a foremost means of making first impressions and perceptions around your brand, which consequently shape their buying decisions. So, you must make the page count and exhibit a sense of professionalism and brand credibility through it.

However, mistakes are made along the way that lower conversion rates instead of retaining customers and converting. Let’s glance at the most common of the landing page mistakes to avoid.

Slow loading times

Visitors are likely to abandon a landing page if it takes more than 3-4 seconds to load. The average loading time for a landing page should be 2 seconds. To ensure it doesn’t take more than 2 seconds for your page to load, avoid unnecessary text and graphics and keep it simple and clean.

Confusing call to actions

Often landing pages show up with unclear call to actions, leaving prospects all confused about the action they need to take. Rather than enticing visitors to make the desired action, such landing pages end up irritating prospects and persuading them to leave. Make sure your call to action is concise yet meaningful enough to motivate a quick clock.

Loading up with offers

Many e-commerce websites in the hope luring visitors into buying, present them with multiple offers and choices. While it proves to be a favourable move in specific scenarios, in most cases too many offers on a landing page sound quite deceitful and confuse visitors rather than motivate them to buy.

Get your content too bulky and verbose

A landing page is supposed to a quick piece of information that stimulates the required action. Loading a single page with numerous words, full of praise can annoy visitors can induce them to leave. Keep your content short yet precise, making the most of the few seconds you get to capture and retain the attention of the viewers.

Landing pages are usually designed to capture the undivided attention of prospects and ensure conversions by forming an ideal perception about your brand. However, e-commerce marketers often end up making mistakes like those mentioned above and more and encounter undesired results. If you find it too intricate a job to design a landing pages without making these common blunders, you should seek a web professional. There are several e-commerce website developer and Magento specialists who hold extensive experience and expertise in e-commerce development and can help you design a result-oriented landing page.


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