3 Easy Ways to Secure a Magento Store that Do Not Require You to Be a Techie

Just like any physical retail store, a Magento store is vulnerable to brute-force attacks and unauthorised access too. While the most acclaimed e-commerce platform is already equipped with powerful security features, you as an online marketer, would want to ensure complete protection against theft and fraudulent activities.


Hackers and swindlers are always on the prowl to sneak into your e-commerce database and steal critical customer information and credit card details. That said, we bring you three basic practices that you can perform to prevent spamming, phishing and theft of user data. These practices don’t really involve complex technicalities, so any online marketer can easily improve security around their Magento store.

Create a custom admin path

By default, anyone can access an e-commerce’s admin panel by simply adding /admin after the URL (like amazon.in/admin). To make sure your admin panel is not conveniently accessible to fraudsters, change the admin path securely.

Have two-factor-authentication for secure login

Two-factor authentication extensions are an efficient way to protect your Magento backend front unauthorised logins. The need for unique username and password to log in obstructs hackers from unethically accessing your backend.

Use secure FTP

The most common way to hack into a Magento store is to guess or intercept the FTP password. So, it is strictly advised by experts to use SFTP (secure file transfer protocol) with public authentication key that requires a private key and an optional password to authenticate access to the FTP.

Leverage the latest

In addition to these anti-theft practices, it is important for online retailers to keep up with the latest version of Magento as the platform keeps rolling vital updates along with fixes to bugs that were evident in preceding versions.

While the above-mentioned practices may be convenient for any e-commerce marketer to carry out, to ensure the highest e-commerce security standards you would certainly require an Magento expert. A skilled Magento web developer or professional can help you not only secure your online store but improve the stores’ performance and efficiency.


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