Smart PPC Advertising: Don’t Just Drive Customers, Retain Them

From small start-ups to established brands, pay per click advertising is an effective tool for marketers to acquire new customers and generate brand awareness and business.

While it’s not too challenging to drive hefty traffic through PPC campaigns, most businesses face problems when it comes to retaining acquired customers. In an attempt to outdo their competitors, business owners often put their entire focus on attracting and driving prospects.

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The key to running a successful business on the other hand is to not just acquire new customers but retain and engage them effectively.

When implemented thoughtfully, PPC advertising can help engage existing customers and create opportunities to strengthen customer loyalty and boost repeat sales.

Here are a few ways retaining customers can benefit your business:

  • Retaining exiting customer is much cheaper than bringing in new customers.
  • Not only is customer retention economically more viable than customer acquisition but it provides loyal customers that are more profitable to business.
  • Loyal customers extensively extend word of mouth referrals, increasing your brand awareness and sales.
  • Engaged, retaining customers provide more reviews and feedback allowing your business to stand out amongst the competitors.
  • Having a good network of loyal customers allow you to expand your business boundaries with new ventures like a brand-new product line or logo which would have been quite challenging with prospects and new customers.

Now that you know retaining existing customers can be more profitable than driving in new ones, exploit the following effective practices to help increase your retention rates:

  • Launch a new product/service and let the existing customers who haven’t visited your website for a while, know about the launch through creative ads.
  • Introducing special discounts coupons and offers is another way to induce customers who haven’t shopped for a while into making a purchase.
  • Utilise cross-selling. Advertise products similar to the one your existing customers have purchased in the recent past ON Google Display Network to encourage them to make repeat purchases and generate revenue for your business.

Most first time buyers tend to fulfill their current needs and don’t have any intent to create a long-term relationship with the concerned brand. However, you can engage your customers with effective PPC advertising and maintain customer relationships that bring business and revenue in the long-term.

To fully utilise the potential of Pay Per Click in Sydney, consider working with a reliable PPC firm or expert.


Marketing Strategies: 5 Effective ways to build Brand Awareness

Summary: Branding is an important aspect of a business, large or small, to spread awareness about the brand and products/services. PPC advertising, exhibiting and organizing promotional events are some great ways to build brand awareness.

Businesses, today, whether it’s asa high-profile restaurant or an e-commerce start-up, are known to consumers from their brand name. Do you ever realize that most times you need something or buy something, you ask for the product addressing its brand name instead of using the generic term for the same? You need a drink at a restaurant, you ask for a Coke or Pepsi. You ask for Vaseline when you need a petroleum jelly. You need a bandage, you ask for a Band-Aid. We use brand names as generic terms to refer to respective products, and this is what’s called brand awareness.

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