Search Engine Marketing: Make a Big Difference with Small Considerations


Search engine marketing (SEM) is robust tool to bring your business into spotlight and survive the increasingly completive marketplace.

However, many small-business marketers consider it an expensive means to grow their business online and think of SEM as a tool for only the established, big-budget brands.

In order to break this misconception and help small businesses use SEO to their advantage, we have pulled together some vital considerations.

Keyword Selection

Of course, big brands with larger marketing budgets have an edge over small businesses when it comes to paid search auctions.

One way you to compete with such brands is to be strategic and intelligent about which keywords to target. You need to focus on keywords that can pull quality leads and conversions for your business.

Additionally, you can utilise long tail keywords that might be comparatively less competitive but allow you be more targeted on a low budget.


Why push your business through search engine results for global keywords when your serve within a specific region or a city?

Restricting your geographic targeting is an inexpensive way to compete against bigger brands. With strategic local search engine optimisation, you can invest your time and money in ad campaigns that optimised to target local traffic rather than drive traffic from across the world.

Captivating Ad Copy

When budget is in the way of competing against bigger brands, you must come up with economical ways to stand out. Ad copy is one of those inexpensive tools you can leverage to make a difference in the crowd.

Writing creative and unique ad copy, which definitely requires a good positioning statement and mindful placement of keywords, can help you get more clicks and traffic.

An important aspect here is to be clear, precise in ad text and make your business seem like the logical choice to customers.

Ad Extensions

Another way to be more impactful with your online ads is extend them with extra information that can be helpful for your audiences.

While you try to pack your ads with as much useful information about your business as possible, Google allows you to add a variety of extra details to your ad copy including local info, reviews, ratings and web page links just to improve the chances of ad clicks.

By offering additional information, you can encourage customers to explore your business more and find something they are interested in.

To Summarise

Depending on the industry, Running search engine marketing campaigns can certainly be The aforementioned tips would help you not only run your marketing campaigns effectively and rank high in search engines but also outperform your competitors and compete with bigger brands.


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