4 Actionable tips to gain more organic traffic to your website

Every business wants to make sure when people look for a product or service similar to their product range, they find them (the business) instead of their competitor. While there are many paid advertising and marketing methods that help businesses achieve this objective, the importance of building organic traffic can’t be neglected.

Organic traffic refers to visitors that land on your website as a result of unpaid searches. In simple terms, visitors who find your website after using search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo are considered organic.

Unlike paid advertising that drive instant traffic, however, these methods will take time. But, they are certainly worth your effort.

So, if you are ready to invest your time and effort to increase your organic traffic the right way, you must follow these tips.

Content is king, respect it

The first objective for businesses is to take content marketing strategy seriously. Don’t write content for the sake of it because it will not do any good to your brand reputation. Your website is a representation of your business. It largely affects whether a visitor will make a purchase from you or leave without taking a desired action.

Publish new content consistently as it will convey the users that you are serious about your business as well as your audience. If you publish genuine, informative blogs frequently and keep your website updated with fresh, relevant content, people will find your website more useful and will come back to know more about your product/service and brand.

Guest blog for traffic, not SEO

Guest blogging helps you gain traffic while boosting your SEO ranking in a cost-effective way. It is basically a practice of contributing your posts to another person’s blog in order to build exposure and links. But your duty doesn’t end after publishing a guest blog. You must check the blog regularly and respond to queries put up by readers in a timely manner.

This will help you engage your audience and build a relationship with new visitors as well.

Be more specific with keywords

Don’t follow what everyone is doing. By this we meant, you don’t need to necessarily bid your money on broad phrase keywords just because they get high search volumes. Probability is thousands of other businesses have already bid on those keywords and you may not stand a chance to rank amongst others unless you devote 2-3 months into it. Instead, go for low hanging-fruit keywords.

For instance, if you offer web development services, don’t go for “web development services” as there are already infinite businesses that rank for this phrase. Rather, you can add more detail by adding the place where you serve like “web development services in Sydney, Australia”.

Create powerful internal links

Create backlinks to your existing articles by using a good internal linking system. By linking to relevant posts, you will allow your customers to stay on your website for longer which will eventually boost your search rankings in Google.

To sum up

Providing quality information on your website, guest blogging regularly and using keywords strategically will ultimately drive more organic traffic to your website.

Besides, you can get in touch with a leading service provider of web development in Australia to discover various other ways to drive more organic traffic to your website. Working with a web development firm in Sydney will allow you to optimise different aspects of your website for better functionality, search engine rankings and conversions.


Prepare Your Business for the Evolving World of Ecommerce With Magento

Today’s digital age has seen a veritable explosion of plug and play e-commerce platforms like Volusion, BigCommerce, Shopify and more, but there is one platform that fits perfectly to every imaginable type of e-commerce store you might want to create. Magento is the name. Magento has empowered merchants to quickly and cost effectively create innovative shopping experiences across all touch points.


Propel your online business to new heights by optimising productivity of your online business. The goal of merchants today is crystal clear: Turn first time buyers into loyal customers by consistently delivering great customer experiences.

Magento, a platform based on open source technology, has changed the dimension of Ecommerce by offering endless potential for growth. Magento stands above other shopping cart platforms. Seamless reliability, immense scalability and rich functionality makes Magento the most desired platform for shopping cart development.

Why almost every major ecommerce site in the world runs on Magento? Why Magento has become such an overwhelming favourite of developers?

Top reasons that makes Magento so special.

Tailor made for e-commerce

Magento came as a dedicated platform intended for ecommerce unlike Drupal, Joomla or WordPress, which came primarily as content management platforms offering the option of ecommerce plugins.

Let’s have a look on Key Ecommerce features of Magento

➤ Inventory management
➤ User Dashboards
➤ CMS option
➤ Advanced shipping and supplier management
➤ Cross sell and upsell capabilities
➤ Customer segmentation
➤ Newsletters
➤ Product bundling

Easy to integrate third party apps

You can connect any kind of plugin or app of your choice through Magento’s extensible API. Be it payment gateways, web analytics or shipping and tracking. You can find the app of your choice and can easily plug into your Magento site in no time.

Modular and Customisable

Magento is inherently modular and highly customisable. Being an open source platform, Magento allows you to build beautiful front-end customer experiences by plugging in or modifying templates and layouts of choice. You can also redesign backend workflows to match your business requirements by modifying events and grids and rewriting code.

Built to run fast

You would want as many bells and whistles as you wish on your ecommerce website. Magento allows you to cache pages using varnish, load pages fast to please impatient customers, process queries in no time, and retrieve data from databases in milliseconds.

SEO Friendly


It is vital to make website as SEO friendly as possible. You need not to involve in drudgery involved in creating SEO optimised URLS, URL rewrites, meta tags, descriptions, navigation, site maps and more. Magento’s source code comes with these features built in, ensuring that your site is search friendly.

The vast community of Magento showcases its strength of agile members that are constantly involved in Improving it. To acquire flawless Magento development website and discover Magento fully, you need to hire certified Magento developers.

The Magento website developer will look after your entire requirement to give the upshots as desired by you. Magento specialist will thoroughly understand your project requirement from the nitty gritty to converting your online business into money making store.


Sigma Infotech

Ecommerce Fears of Online Shoppers that Might Be Killing Your Sales


There’s no denying that the ecommerce world has incurred a rapid growth in the number of online stores as well as online buyers.

However, we can’t also deny the fact that online sales revenue loses a whopping 9.1 billion every year because of cart abandonments.

But, why do some online shoppers have to abandon the cart full of items they intended to buy? Why do they leave the store without making a purchase when they landed on the website to shop in the first place?

Well, more often than not, it is ecommerce fears.

When people shop online, specifically from a new or unfamiliar website, they are jittery and concerned about the authenticity of the supplier or retailer. Doubts and fears in their mind cause them to change their buying decision.

So, what are these shopping fears that prevent many visitors from becoming payable customers?

Let’s have a look

Is this company for real?

Shopping with an online store that customers cannot see and experience physically can be a hard decision to make. Lack of validity and credibility in an online website may bounce potential customers away from the store without even having browsed their offerings.


A well-designed, sophisticated website that makes for easy navigation and depict clear visuals helps build a hassle-free user experience, which ultimately leads to more sales.


Is this store safe to make an online purchase?

With the increasing number online credit card fraud and identity theft incidents every year, it comes as no surprise that many online customers are concerned that their essential information may be stolen when they make an online purchase.


Trustmarks that depict trust and authenticity of the business and logos from recognised accreditors that assure that your store is safe to purchase go a long way to ease security anxiety amongst customers.

But I can’t exactly tell what the product is like?

One of the major concerns with ecommerce shopping is that one can’t feel, touch or smell a desired product like in offline stores. This makes consumers who largely rely on the sensory aspect of shopping more uncertain and jittery about their online purchase.


High resolution images of products from considerate angles, good, descriptive text copy and even short videos showing the product in different situations and uses can work wonders for the shopper’s encouragement and trust.

Am I sure to receive my product once I order it?

Many people fear of placing an order and never receiving it. Online buyers, particularly those who prefer to pay online for their purchases, are often concerned about the delivery of the product.


Incorporating the facility of automated conformation messages and tracking functionality into your website will allow customers to track their product every step of the process and rest assured of the timely delivery.

What if I don’t like the product when I actually receive it?

Many a shopper are afraid that if they buy an item and it doesn’t fit them or is not what they expected, they’ll be stuck with the purchase.


A transparent return policy that is fair for both the customer and the business can help reduce uncertainty around shoppers’ buying decision. By providing shoppers with an easy and smooth way to make returns and exchanges, you can encourage them to continue their shopping with you and return for more purchases in the future.



While there certainly exist ecommerce fears in every first-time buyer to an online store, it is not that you can do nothing about it.

By reinforcing your website, you can build long-lasting trust and increase integrity and reliability around your brand. Work with a professional ecommerce development firm that offers custom tailored shopping cart solutions in Sydney to convert your feeble website into a reliable online store.

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