For an entrepreneur, the feeling of hitting a first sale is beyond expression. After all it’s a motivation for them to reach their next milestone in the e-commerce world.

But how is it all done?

You have got a product. You took the picture. Wrote the product description. And listed it on your e-commerce website for the world to see. What after that?

The audience’s role starts from where yours end. You see customers are landing on your website, viewing your product but generating traffic to your website is not your sole aim here. Converting a visitor into a buyer is your objective.

The best part of selling through an e-commerce store is- you have a chance to sell your products to wider audiences but how you do it, is what matters the most.

Keeping new entrepreneurs in mind, this ultimate guide is designed for start-ups that want to generate more sales and fulfil their e-commerce dreams in coming years.


Start writing blogs on your website about your products and services in a way that entice customers to buy. This is one of the simplest yet effective ways to aware customers about your brand. Not only does running an active informative and educational blog help boost your rank, but it also keeps your audience updated about the latest industry trends.

Besides, give them a reason to visit your website often by publishing instructional blogs frequently. Do not forget to add a hyperlink of the related product, within the blog, which redirects your audience to the product listing page.


E-mail is one of the best ways to stay in touch with customers. But if you are new to the industry, it is obvious that you don’t have an active list of e-mail subscribers. An active and updated list helps you generate more sales. Moreover, a well-researched study states that- “email marketing is among those tactics that drives highest customer retention as well as acquisition than search results, paid advertising and others.”

Email marketing not only helps you to drive sales but at the same time, sending enticing promotional e-mails increases the chances for customers to buy more products in the future.


Influencer marketing has become one of the latest trends in the past few years for helping marketers to drive brand awareness and spike sales. It is possible that your audience doesn’t know about your brand yet but it’s possible that they are following some influencers on social media.

It is a good idea to get in touch with some influencers and ask them to talk about your products or services on their posts. Influencer marketing is a cost-effective strategy as the pay rates are not that high plus they provide better engagement around wider audiences. The better the review or promotion of your brand or product by an influencer, the better your traffic and sales.


If you are a newcomer in the market, it is natural for people to feel uncertain about your products. No one would want to pay a price for a brand they hardly know about, especially when there are so many other brands they have already purchased from or count on.

When it comes to start-ups, running a social media contest can go a long to build awareness and curiosity around your brand. Encourage audience to take part in it by promising them to be offered giveaways of your brand products (and who doesn’t love freebies). This way, people would not hesitate to give your brand a chance. Most importantly, once they get familiar with your brand, they are more likely to buy a product soon.


Probably, you have already created your social media profile on all those platforms where you can get maximum benefit in terms of brand awareness and customers acquisition. However, if you have not paid much attention to social media yet, you are losing out on many of your potential customers. Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc. help you to reach out to wider audiences in shorter time.

Make sure that you are active on all these platforms by regularly posting engaging and interesting content. Also, don’t forget to strengthen your relationships with existing customers while building new ones by actively engaging them on your posts.


Don’t expect your business to become a huge success in the first few weeks. Be patient if your website doesn’t generate much sales initially. Take some time to evolve by learning new tactics and stay dedicated to your marketing efforts and goals.

Also, it is advised to keep the prices low at the initial stage of your journey. You already have many competitors in the market, so it is important to first create your goodwill amongst the audiences. Providing the products initially at prices lower than your competitors will help attract more audiences.

And last but not least, hire a professional IT consulting firm in Sydney. Depending on your requirements, you can choose to work with an experienced Magento website developer who will guide you on best possible marketing techniques to generate your first sale.


Prepare Your Business for the Evolving World of Ecommerce With Magento

Today’s digital age has seen a veritable explosion of plug and play e-commerce platforms like Volusion, BigCommerce, Shopify and more, but there is one platform that fits perfectly to every imaginable type of e-commerce store you might want to create. Magento is the name. Magento has empowered merchants to quickly and cost effectively create innovative shopping experiences across all touch points.


Propel your online business to new heights by optimising productivity of your online business. The goal of merchants today is crystal clear: Turn first time buyers into loyal customers by consistently delivering great customer experiences.

Magento, a platform based on open source technology, has changed the dimension of Ecommerce by offering endless potential for growth. Magento stands above other shopping cart platforms. Seamless reliability, immense scalability and rich functionality makes Magento the most desired platform for shopping cart development.

Why almost every major ecommerce site in the world runs on Magento? Why Magento has become such an overwhelming favourite of developers?

Top reasons that makes Magento so special.

Tailor made for e-commerce

Magento came as a dedicated platform intended for ecommerce unlike Drupal, Joomla or WordPress, which came primarily as content management platforms offering the option of ecommerce plugins.

Let’s have a look on Key Ecommerce features of Magento

➤ Inventory management
➤ User Dashboards
➤ CMS option
➤ Advanced shipping and supplier management
➤ Cross sell and upsell capabilities
➤ Customer segmentation
➤ Newsletters
➤ Product bundling

Easy to integrate third party apps

You can connect any kind of plugin or app of your choice through Magento’s extensible API. Be it payment gateways, web analytics or shipping and tracking. You can find the app of your choice and can easily plug into your Magento site in no time.

Modular and Customisable

Magento is inherently modular and highly customisable. Being an open source platform, Magento allows you to build beautiful front-end customer experiences by plugging in or modifying templates and layouts of choice. You can also redesign backend workflows to match your business requirements by modifying events and grids and rewriting code.

Built to run fast

You would want as many bells and whistles as you wish on your ecommerce website. Magento allows you to cache pages using varnish, load pages fast to please impatient customers, process queries in no time, and retrieve data from databases in milliseconds.

SEO Friendly


It is vital to make website as SEO friendly as possible. You need not to involve in drudgery involved in creating SEO optimised URLS, URL rewrites, meta tags, descriptions, navigation, site maps and more. Magento’s source code comes with these features built in, ensuring that your site is search friendly.

The vast community of Magento showcases its strength of agile members that are constantly involved in Improving it. To acquire flawless Magento development website and discover Magento fully, you need to hire certified Magento developers.

The Magento website developer will look after your entire requirement to give the upshots as desired by you. Magento specialist will thoroughly understand your project requirement from the nitty gritty to converting your online business into money making store.


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A little focus on eminent components can run your Magento store successfully

Boosted traffic, elevated sales or high revenues! Business owners yearn for these wonder words from their online stores. If you have chosen Magento for your online store, then congratulations you are on the right track and are already on your way to success.

Magento Website developer

Sustainable growth of online business calls for strategic process of generating marketing plan, identifying your target audience and thus finding a dependable ecommerce platform to manage your online store in the most effective way.

Magento is indeed a platform that unfurls a lot of growth opportunities for the online merchants by offering them flexibility with increased control in terms of merchandising to promotion and much more.

Along with enhancing the scalability and agility with which things can be done, Magento promises increased return on investment implying increased growth.

Apart from being an exciting content management system, Magento provides a highly intuitive administrative interface. Open source CMS that facilitates great search engine optimisation, powerful catalogue management tools as well as marketing tools, giving online merchants unprecedented power to edit or create sites that best match their unique business needs.

So, the question is where do you turn when you get stuck?

Keeping your Magento website running is critical to your online success. Every minute your site is down leads to a massive amount of revenue loss.  A professional Magento Website developer proactively monitors your website and acts within seconds being alerted of any outages.

Magento Web development companies can be trusted for distinct support coverage and resources they offer to merchants based on the Magento product one is using. Professional Magento website developers comprehend well what ecommerce retailers long for. Magento specialists’ rich industry experience can enhance the appearance of your website or store as they implement the incredible Magento services.

Magento web designer

Crucial elements that every Magento web designer must focus on while developing Magento web designs.

  • Web Design

A well-architectured web design offering a captivating look and usability is crucial for successful online sales. Make sure that your Magento web designer is preparing the main design concept where all the design elements such as your upcoming store’s typography, structure, colour scheme and layout, should complement each other to offer optimum visual hierarchy.

  • Responsive Layout

Online store visitors can be prompted to browse your online store and make purchase by giving them optimal user experience on any device of their choice.

While creating any Magento design it is mandatory to implement site navigation for smaller devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets etc.

  • Powerful Content

Shopping is all about impressive visual experience in the ecommerce industry. While showcasing your store’s product range, displaying pictures from different angles with zooming capabilities must be added to impart real feel to your customers.

Compelling content help customers explore more about your offerings. Remember that content can make or break customers interest in your offerings.

Having an online presence is not sufficient to compete the cutting-edge competition. A negative online reputation can be disastrous for any business.

Reputation Management Sydney

Reputation Management companies in Sydney improve and protect your online brand image, manage your online reputation by removing negative feedback and replace offending web pages with positive and fresh information about your company.

it consulting sydney

If you still find yourself at a crossroads with your IT solutions, you can avail IT consulting services to make correct infrastructure decisions.


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5 Blunders that Magento Developers Make while Building Ecommerce Sites

Summary: Magento is a powerful web development platform accepted by numerous ecommerce business, globally. However, in an attempt to be quick and smart, some Magento developers make blunders that adversely affect the business and its sales.

ad It’s not a hidden fact that Megento, today, has emerged as an indispensable platform when it comes to ecommerce website development. The platform has been successfully powering numerous ecommerce businesses across the globe, helping them in boosting their sales, and making a great impression on the web.

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